Base Web Versioning Policy

We recognize that you need stability from Base Web.

This document describes the practices that we follow to provide you the Base Web library. We want everyone who depends on Base Web to know when and how new features are added, and to be well-prepared when obsolete ones are removed.

Please visit the release history. This log includes a list of bug fixes and new features, as well as breaking changes and migration guides.

The project follows SemVer, with a few flavours. We do not bump major versions for the following changes:

  • Any component or function that's prefixed with Unstable_ / unstable_ may change or be removed without notice.
  • Visual changes, like colors and sizes, or any changes in CSS.
  • Change in undocumented APIs and internal data structures.

Development builds of Base Web include many helpful warnings.

In the event of a future breaking change, we will add warnings which indicate the feature is scheduled for deprecation and will provide migration instructions. Deprecation warnings may be added in a minor version. Following major versions will remove the deprecated feature.